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When you've done everything you can with Ruby On Rails....

When you've reached the limits of Haskell on a Horse...

It's time to meet the MVC Web Framework to end all MVC Web frameworks.

DOS on DOPE is the modern MVC framework built on the awesome power of batch files.

All of the controllers in DoD are batch files.

All of the views are batch files.

The model is based on batch files. The helper functions are... you guessed it! Beautiful batch files!

(Okay, I'm no purist. There's a few lines of C# for url routing and batch file execution. Everything else is either a .bat or a .cmd file. With a liberal helping of .csv mixed in.)

Getting Started

See how to build a site in just seconds!

How Does It Work?

Look behind the curtain to see how the magic is made

Introduction at secretGeek


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